Dear diary.

Dear readers.

Grrrr. The overwhelming intimidation of the blank page. Faced with such a thing, laundry or other household tasks seem a whole lot more appealing.

As is often the case in the modern world it’s easier, faster and more creative to share feelings and experiences through photos or small statements on social media. Why not chuck a hashtag in there for good measure? We can post things without a second thought. We can capture a minute second in time and publicise it instantly. It’s nothing more than a flicker of a camera lens. A glimpse into our happiest moments. Often posts are publicised without too much thought. A spur of the moment

sort of thing and all too often quickly withdrawn, deleted or taken down. But the damage is done. Screenshots and share buttons ensure that what is said in a fleeting moment is there forever, perhaps haunting the publisher and demanding an explanation or public apology of sorts. Even certain presidential figures are cornered into explaining their actions and quotes – maybe a bow to public pressure is something we have longed for for too long and now it seems we have our wish. Figures in the public eye must liken posting on social media to walking on eggshells.

We live in a society where we expect things almost instantly. ‘Oh, great there’s a family doing something a bit mad and moving to India – let’s see their ‘Insta’ page and look at pretty pictures, briefly scrolling through images of generic smiles and sun sets with palm tree silhouettes whilst waiting for a morning train and avoiding eye contact with strangers across the platform as not to seem too friendly for fear of being seen as ‘a bit odd’.


Before you start to make comparisons or think ‘yeah but I’m not like that’, I am aware that this is a sweeping generalisation of a society in which I used to live in so apologies if I have offended anyone in only my third paragraph of my first attempt at a ‘blog’.

So ‘blog’. What on earth does this word even mean? I’m a bit old fashioned and usually take a little longer catch on to trends. My partner’s 5-year-old son recently had to explain to me in detail what a ‘dab’ is and how to perfectly execute one (he still rolls his eyes at my feeble attempts to dab and be cool). What do we tend to do when we don’t know what something is? We google it. Google tells me this:

noun – a regularly updated website or web page typically one run by an individual or     small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.”

OK so I think I’m going to be fine with this. I breath a mental sigh of relief upon reading the word ‘informal’. I live my life in an ‘informal’ way.

I like the idea of this. It gets people writing and reading and preserves what is left of the written word besides text talk. I now have some idea of what a blog is, and it seems to be the perfect platform on which to share our journey with you.

I suppose the main aim of this whole thing is to just be completely transparent. Warts and all if you will. Instagram posts can hide all manner of sins. Sunny beaches, perfect yoga poses, beautiful sunsets and a constantly smiling 5-year-old who embraces everything and is super happy all the time. Anyone who has spent more than 30 seconds with a 5-year-old will know that the last bit of that is bollocks.

But anyway, here it is. Our little attempt at a blog. Enjoy it people. All good things come to an end eventually….

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