Ok so first things first we need jobs or some sort of income whilst abroad. We don’t have nearly enough savings to treat this like a gap year and the small amount of savings we do have we will need for a rainy day/future business endeavour.

So how to find a job? Well we started off by just asking for jobs. Scour the local area on google maps. Find yoga studios and bombard them with emails. Persistence is the key. There are many yoga teacher traveller types that apply for teaching jobs in these types of places but only for a few weeks or so at a time. We are coming for a full year. This gives us an advantage. We heard back from a few places, but one really stood out. In a small town/village called Palolem in South Goa.

On my last visit to India I stayed in Palolem for a week or so and fell in love with it. It has a beautiful beach and whilst being a bit touristy, it attracts the more laid back, quiet kind of visitor as opposed to the beaches and towns in Northern Goa which are renowned for their nightlife and beach parties and all things that come with this. I enjoyed these places 3 years ago whilst last there but have a family now so probably not for me anymore.

After a few back and forth emails, arranged a skype interview with the studio. It describes itself as a ‘yoga village’.  It seems from the pictures online to be more of a retreat sort of place, which is ideal for us. The thing that is not ideal is the available jobs. They are looking for 2 people – great. One chef, and one general manager. We consider the jobs briefly before accepting them. Bex has recently qualified as a vegan chef having done a 2-week diploma in the UK and I have all the skills necessary to do the general manager’s job. It basically sounds like admin. We will also be able to teach classes at the yoga village as well to keep fresh on the yoga teacher side of things. It’s far from ideal but it’s a way in. The wages are minimal (£250 per month) but it’s relative to very low living costs in India and the lifestyle out there will more than make up for the lack of income. Plus, we feel that we can hopefully do some online work to supplement this low wage.

It’s a way in. That’s all we need at first. Some way of funding this life whilst out there. Having read through the job description, I’m happy that I can do all is asked of me and the working hours are 9am-2pm. A far cry from the 12-hour days back home. And take out the 90-minute commute either end of the day as well.

It comes down to quality of life. We will get to spend to spend so much more time together as a family. I have become one of those dads in recent times that sees Jay for 5 minutes in the morning before I leave, and if I’m lucky I get home in time to read to him before he sleeps. I really don’t want him to have memories of that. Like I said before, it’s been a challenging year.

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