Blimey, 3 weeks in and you’re still with me? Good effort and thank you.

Every decision needs a plan. A decision such as this will require meticulous planning. The kind of planning equivalent to that of creeping downstairs in the night to raid the fridge whist carefully avoiding the certain areas of floorboards that creak. You tense every muscle in your face with every light footstep as you know the risks that come with that being a night time fridge ninja – the slightest wrong step, cough, sneeze or trip could be potentially disastrous and the whole escapade could come crashing down in a heartbeat. There, I just compared an 8,000 mile move across the planet with stealing cheese triangles. Good for me.

In all seriousness, we do need to plan. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail and all that. The last year has been challenging. Really challenging. Making the decision has been tough and it comes with a sigh of relief. We, as a family have some direction at last. We have been longing for this for some time. Living in my mother’s vacant house has been great, and an opportunity to cohabite and break free of a town that neither of us really felt at home in, however it’s borrowed time. We both know this, and it has over the last year been a frequent topic of conversation. What will we do next?? So at least knowing what we are aiming for has given us a united goal. Not sure how to get there but we know where we’re going.

We are in a situation where we have no mortgage or rental agreement – massive plus point here – I understand many people contemplating such a move find themselves tied down in some way to one of these things.

Jay is of an age where we believe this is doable without causing too much of an upset to his social life – he’ll miss his friends I’m sure, but if he was 13 years old and in love for the first time then this would be a whole different ball game.

Neither of us are in career path jobs that pay particularly well and would be silly to walk away from – maybe a reflection on earlier life choices, but given our decision to go, I’m taking it as another plus point. Glass half full kind of guy here.

Given all these factors, it made the decision a whole lot easier and more achievable. I imagine some of you reading this are pondering a similar life change but the prospect of going through the process of selling the house or finding a tenant seems a nightmare. It seems that here are upsides to never being able to buy property!

It all seems so doable – what could possibly go wrong? So, we start with a checklist:

Job in India, Plane tickets, Visas, School for Jay, somewhere to live, vehicle, travel insurance, jabs, health insurance, tying up loose ends at home, selling what we can of our life in England…… the list goes on.

What I have learnt over the past few weeks is that very few of these things matter. By all means get the vital stuff out of the way, but other than that, get on a plane and wing it. You can always sort stuff the other end if need be. So often in my life, I have over prepared. When I have been on holiday in the past, I have returned with a pile of unworn clothes that 10 days before were squeezed into ‘hand luggage’. I even went as far as wearing several pairs of underpants on the flight in order to make space for more things in my bag. Don’t tell me you haven’t done it.

Perhaps it’s part of being a yogi nowadays or living a simpler life. Things don’t matter so much. We accumulate ‘stuff’ all the time. We are all hoarders in some way. Look around you right now. How much of this stuff do you actually need? If the building caught fire and you could only grab the very vital things, what would they be? That’s kind of how we have to think when packing.


The bare minimum.

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