Fuck it’s hot.  Hot and really humid. Like my testicles are constantly having to be peeled away from my inner thighs.  Too graphic???


Anyway, here we are. It was a long journey and we arrive to meet the guy who will help us out and get us sorted with a room for a while and show us the ropes in Palolem.  We had been travelling through the night with a 5-year-old child so beyond exchanging pleasantries and the obligatory cup of chai I wasn’t interested in much apart from getting my head down for a few hours.  He completely understood and showed us to our rooms and left us be for the rest of the day.

When we awoke mid-afternoon, we walked the 5-minute walk down the beach and oh my goodness.  Good grief it really is paradise.  Like postcard paradise. Like its not even real. I feel someone has photoshopped this beach and it’s a mirage.  Or am I still half asleep on the aeroplane? I just stand there and laugh. Literally laugh out loud or LOL as you may be more familiar with.  I’m happy. Happy like I haven’t for a while. Becky and I smile at each other and I breathe a sigh of relief as she nods in approval.  Jay takes his flip flops off and runs full speed towards the sea grinning from ear to ear. This is where we will be calling home.  Well for the next few months at least….


It suddenly seems we have made the best possible decision in life to do this.  I’m fully aware that we are very much in the honeymoon period of this move.  I mean in relationship terms it’s still the wedding night but let’s just bask in the glow and enjoy the moment.  Yoga teaches us to be present so phones off, sun cream on and enjoy the moment.  I wonder why I didn’t do this years ago and I know why. I was young and had different priorities and didn’t have the support of someone like Becky. I wasn’t as grounded as a person and I wouldn’t have had the focus to actually do it properly.  Granted something like this was a pipedream.  It had been pondered.  The what ifs had been asked and then I slipped back into everyday life and probably thought better of it.  But that pipedream kept reoccurring.  It became more frequent until it manifested into reality.  Mission accomplished.

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