About us.


We are a family currently based in Palolem in South Goa, India and we have a passion for travel, healthy living, adventure & yoga.

Meet the team:

Hey my name is Becky and I am passionate about many things. I love practising and teaching yoga and meditation and I love to share this beautiful art with others to bring more calm and peace in to this world.

Since my early 20’s I have enjoyed travelling and exploring the world, learning new things and opening my mind and heart to life and what it has to offer me.
I love anything to do with the ocean, surfing, swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking and if I could be a real life mermaid I would be.
I also take some of my creativity and love in to the kitchen where I enjoy creating new plant based dishes for myself, my family and friends.

My daily aim in life is to wake up and be happy and make others happy, to be present and to
smile and to feel a sense of equilibrium to each day.

Hi my name is Wilf and I am 32 years old and was born in Bristol, UK.

I love travel and adventure. Anything from team sports to spending days off the grid wild camping and trekking up mountains on my own or with my family.  I come from a sports background and over the years have played Cricket, football & athletics as well as completing many marathons.  I found yoga to complement running, whilst also giving me a break from competitive sports. Yoga gives me space and time to just be me on my mat.

Since graduating from Bristol school of yoga I have taught yoga in the UK, Europe and India & my teaching has evolved along with my practice. Although I am a classical Hatha yoga teacher at heart, I also teach Vinyasa and am passionate about the Ashtanga series. I bring in to my classes a strong energetic flow with some Inversions, arm balances and use of props, whilst also finding the time and stillness to refine each Asana.  My teaching style is playful and I love to try new sequences and styles. I love to engage with my students and be with them their own journey through the practice of yoga.  Practising with me you will learn to move, laugh and find time to breathe – something that is too often overlooked in modern day society.

Hi my name is Jay and I am the smallest person in my family. I was born in Bali in 2013 and moved to the UK when I was 1.

Now I am 6 and a half and I have lived in India for nearly 2 years where it is warmer.  I went to school in England for 1 year and now go to school in India where I have many friends from all over the world.  I learn lots about animals and my environment and draw pictures, write stories and climb trees.  My favourite things are mummy cuddles and chocolate.  I love to help mummy and Wilf in family yoga and my favourite pose is aeroplane pose!

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