settling in

  The first few days were all a bit of a blur.  Being introduced to local people and shops that we would need, finding our way around the local area etc.  In a place like this it’s easy to feel like we are on holiday but we have come to do a job.  We spent […]


Touchdown   Fuck it’s hot.  Hot and really humid. Like my testicles are constantly having to be peeled away from my inner thighs.  Too graphic???   Anyway, here we are. It was a long journey and we arrive to meet the guy who will help us out and get us sorted with a room for […]

The move.

So, the date is set. Drumroll please………………. Du dum du dum du dum     ‘Unlucky for some’ 13th September.  I’m not the superstitious type at all and very much like to capitalise on those who are.  In my experience, flights tend to be cheaper on the 13th of the month as people aren’t as keen to […]

The job.

Ok so first things first we need jobs or some sort of income whilst abroad. We don’t have nearly enough savings to treat this like a gap year and the small amount of savings we do have we will need for a rainy day/future business endeavour. So how to find a job? Well we started […]

The Start of the Plan.

Blimey, 3 weeks in and you’re still with me? Good effort and thank you. Every decision needs a plan. A decision such as this will require meticulous planning. The kind of planning equivalent to that of creeping downstairs in the night to raid the fridge whist carefully avoiding the certain areas of floorboards that creak. […]