Becky and Wilf are both yoga teachers and between them they offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to their classes , workshops and retreats.
Becky has been practising yoga for 14 years and has studied with various teachers around the world. She has gained over 700 hours of teacher training and teaches alignment based Hatha/vinyasa flow and restorative yoga. Becky’s training has been based on alignment and this focus comes out in her teaching and personal practice, although she teaches students to find the alignment for their own body, rather than forcing the body in to picture perfect yoga poses.  


Wilf has been practising yoga for 7 years and been teaching for 3 years.

He is a knowledgeable, fun and empathetic yoga teacher. The classes he offers are strong but playful, with a focus on stepping out of your comfort zone, falling and being able to laugh at yourself. At the same time Wilf teaches with compassion and encourages students to let go of the ego and to be present in this ever moving world.  Wilf now offers a range of styles including Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga & Restorative.

Family yoga

As parents, we often find ourselves making a choice between our yoga practice and family life.  So why not combine the 2?  Expanding our practice and introducing and involving your little ones with your yoga can be on of the most rewarding and bonding things you can do.  Not every time will be perfect but practising with our kids can really help to remind us that inside we are all children – playful, eager to learn and we like to challenge ourselves.  On our family retreats there is time for personal practice of course, but also time to learn how to make yoga more inclusive – no matter what your age!