Becky, Wilf and little Jay offer Family yoga retreats in Europe during the school holidays. Becky is a qualified nanny & kids yoga teacher.

After becoming a single mum when Jay was just 14 months old, Becky struggled to find that balance between spending time with her son and having some “me” time on holidays. There was never any time to practice yoga, especially with a toddler and finding healthy plant based food was an added stress to the holiday.

This is where the inspiration came for the family yoga retreats they now run. Becky wanted to be able to offer a yoga retreat where everyone in the family could join young and old, single parent families , couples or friends, flexible and inflexible, breastfeeding or bottle-feeding.

Being a parent changes the dynamics of life, it changes the balance and its important to try and regain some of that balance but whilst honouring the fact that having a child hugely changes your life.
Then Wilf came in to the picture.  Playful, caring, selfless yogi that all kids are insanely attracted to. On retreats we often find Wilf walking around with children hanging on to his legs or chasing him around the fields with their bow and arrow.

Together they wanted to create a space where children could be free, creative, playful and enjoy nature. A space where parents could re-find that balance by spending quality time with their children, but also enjoying some quiet time during their daily yoga classes and optional massages or other treatments. You don’t have to worry about food, there will always be plenty of delicious and healthy food for everyone in the family to enjoy on retreats. Little Jay who is rapidly becoming big Jay is now 6, and he attends all the family retreats with great joy and enthusiasm & he has even started assisting in some of the family yoga sessions.

During a typical family retreat expect to enjoy an adult yoga class in the mornings and free time, workshops or adventures in the afternoon. Each day is different and we encourage you to join in with as much or as little as you want. Your children will either be entertained, cared for or taught kids yoga whist you are enjoying your morning practice/ workshop or massage. For more details about the family yoga schedule please see individual retreats.

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