Here at Putus retreats we are passionate about the food we eat and offer to our guests. The food
that we offer differs depending on where the retreat is being held and what time of year it is and of
course the chef that we have on hand at the particular venue.
The most important thing to us is that the food is locally grown, seasonal and organically sourced
when possible. Sometimes we are even lucky enough that the food is grown on site.
We are passionate abut eating a more plant based diet, so therefore our food is either vegetarian
or vegan and we are always able to offer alternatives if you have any allergies or intolerance.
We like to keep our food low gluten to gluten free and use whole foods and brown breads, rice etc
instead of white.
There is always plenty of fruit, coffee and tea available throughout the day and when we include
some sweet treats in to our menu they are made using alternatives to refined sugar such as
agave, date syrup or honey and made with wholesome ingredients.
It is important to us that the food you enjoy dung your retreat is healthy, colourful, nutritious,
varied and in abundance to support the practice of yoga and meditation.

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