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Food, food, food. Who doesn’t get joy from eating? it’s such wonderful thing, and when its made with passion and love – it’s even better!

Becky has been through many different ‘foodie’ phases in life (including the negative ones unfortunately), but now she is in this beautiful phase of life where she loves food and eating is one of the things that helps her to stay balanced in both her body and mind.
Although she is mostly plant based she has moved away from having a specific label as it allows her to make daily choices depending on how she is feeling in her whole self.

Some days she feels like completely raw food, some days she knows that she needs the calming and grounding effect of wholesome cooked food, other days her body craves chocolate or something else sweet. Becky Honours these feelings and cooks and eats only with love and passion and if her body is really craving something she eats it. If we really truly listen to our bodies, it will tell us what we need.

After having a child, Becky’s passion for cooking plant based food grew with the aim now to feed and nourish two human beings and to cook now with even more love.
With this ever growing passion for cooking and the yearning to learn more and more Becky went on to study with Demuth’s Vegan cookery school where she completed her vegan cooking diploma. After completing her diploma Becky started to run plant based workshops running a 4-5 hour workshop style session teaching students how to make an array of plant based foods both raw and cooked. Becky has a passion for being kind to the environment and is as eco and as waste-free as possible. This is also something that she teachers on her workshops.
Becky is currently cooking in India, learning about a whole new range of cooking skills, bringing in all sorts of delicious spices to her plant based food.
Keep an eye out for Becky’s recipes here or follow her food specific Instagram page here.

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