Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Putu’s Retreats.  

Volunteering and being a part of our family retreats can be one of the most rewarding experiences out there.  We really want our helpers to be a part of the whole experience and enjoy the retreats.  Many of our volunteers in the past have returned the next year.  It’s perfect for those who are contemplating or already have a career in childcare, teaching, kids yoga, drama and the creative arts or photography.  Many of our volunteers in the past have brought with them their own sets of skills or interests and hobbies and this is what helps make each retreat unique.

As a volunteer for Putu’s Retreats we offer you accommodation and food (3x meals a day veggie/
vegan) at the venue we are running the retreat from in exchange for you working around 4-6 hours
per day.
On our family retreats we create a balance between the parents having time to themselves to practice
yoga, the kids having some fun and then everyone coming together to practice yoga in the family yoga classes.  There is a big community vibe on our retreats and everyone mucks in and gets involved (including the kids doing their own washing up).  It is a lovely thing to be a part of and a great experience.

That being said, one of the duties as a volunteer can sometimes be to assist with this collective clear up after
meals or setting up before meals.
During the retreat your main duties are to care for and entertain the kids whilst the adults are
doing the yoga. Usually the parents do yoga every morning and each afternoon is different,
sometimes its adults yoga, sometimes family yoga. So some days we would need you for two
sessions and other days we would need you for just one session. Outside of these yoga sessions
you have your free time to relax or explore.

A typical day

8am – 10am – Having breakfast and helping with the kids and doing activities with them whilst the parents do
10am – brunch for all
2pm – lunch for all
5pm – 6:30pm –  Either adults yoga or family yoga (if it is adults yoga then you would be expected to
be with the kids)
7:30pm – Dinner

We usually have a max of 10 kids with 2 x volunteers and either me or Wilf, as we take it in turns
teaching and being with the kids.
The kids can range from babies up to teens so we offer a wide range of activities to suit everyone.
Usually Becky pre organises which activities we will do during the retreat, but we are really open
to change and suggestions to keep the retreats fresh and full of new activities and ideas.
A typical daily activity with the kids can be: face painting, eco creative workshop, nature walk, baking,
kids yoga, reading, free play, making dream-catchers etc.
What we include for the volunteers – Accommodation and food and transfers from train station or
What we don’t include for volunteers – Flights/travel expenses.
If you are interested in signing up please get in touch with us by emailing

We look forward to you being a part of this beautiful thing we are creating!

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